“M’shana Mokaum, M’shana Mazel” –Part 3


“M’shana Mokaum, M’shana Mazel

“Change your place, you change your luck”


As quick review from Part 2 –

Ben and Jack found the temple in Boyle Heights: Congregation Talmud Torah of Los Angeles. Jack was so exhilarated to find himself in a Jewish Temple in the middle of an American Jewish Community that he dared to ask he Rabbi if he could lead the Congregation in the holy prayer and songs.

(Continuation from Part 2)

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the beauty and power of Jack’s singing induced the essence of KAVANAH.

When he’d sung his last note, the sanctuary was filled with a totally stunned silence. Then as if on cue, the crown suddenly reached to hug him and lifted him up from the podium. They just couldn’t believe that such power and beauty had come from this 20 year old refugee. They knew they might never again have such an experience. The overjoyed Rabbi asked us to stay for the ONEG SHABBAT the special after services celebration meal. Needless to say, we took grateful advantage of the delicious and plentiful food and then we both sang many joyous songs welcoming the Sabbath.

Later the Temple board members congratulated him again and asked if it would be possible for us to come back in the morning to lead them in the Saturday Services. When they heard about our miserable living arrangements, they were appalled. They immediately went over to a Mrs. Greenberg, who just happened to have a spare room with to two beds and close access to a real bathroom! Then and there arrangements were made for us to stay overnight at the house she shared with her husband. We were delighted to accept this offer. Later that night before we could go to sleep, Jack and I went over some prayers and hymns together for the morning’s service since I would also be participating. Then on very full stomachs in comfortable clean beds and in a warm safe home we had our first good night’s sleep in a very long time.

Maybe our luck was changing after all.

The next morning Mrs. Greenberg served a wonderful breakfast and once again, we ate as if we were bottomless pits!

The lively mealtime conversation included Yiddish, English and smatterings of Polish, Hungarian and German with many sentences containing more than one language! After this body and soul nourishing meal we walked to the temple for services, anticipating another joyous event. As we rounded the corner however we almost choked when we saw a crowd of waving people rushing in our direction. Unlike our recent experiences in Europe where a crowd rushing toward us usually meant we were about to be beaten or worse – this time it was a smiling crowd coming to wrap us in warm hugs. Apparently word had spread throughout the Jewish community that an extraordinary young man would be conducting Saturday Services, so the synagogue was packed. They would not be disappointed once again when Jack began to pray and sing the congregants were mesmerized by his extraordinary talent and charisma again it was indeed KAVANAH.

Later that night after Havdala, the ceremony marking the end of Shabbat is when an unbelievable “miracle” happened, which turned both of us into believers again.

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