My heart and my soul hurt for Pittsburgh.

As a Holocaust Survivor, my heart and my soul hurt when I learned about the shooting in Pittsburgh.

I just returned from a community wide vigil at Temple Beth Shalom in Las Vegas Nevada; I believe they had the largest attendance that the temple has ever seen. There was an outpouring of love expressed by both political leaders in our community as well as from many clergy from different faiths.

I heard beautiful speeches; many of us held hands while we sang inspirational songs together. It was a wonderful, heartwarming show of solidarity; together we all mourned the loss of those innocent lives.

For those few hours I believe we were all one faith with one common goal. Everyone wanted to find some healing and hope and all in attendance wanted to mourn the lost lives. Death doesn’t have a religion.

Whether the innocent congregants were worshipping at the Tree of Life Synagogue or they were praying at Emanuel AME in South Carolina where nine innocent people were killed, death is still death. Unnecessary deaths that were provoked by hatred.

On my way home from this beautiful service of solidarity, I was overcome with anger. What happens next? What happens the day after the vigil or the weeks following? Do we go back to our normal lives?

What is normal life when the very place we go to pray for peace is no longer safe? Do we just sit and wait, God forbid, for the next senseless murder of innocent? Do we anticipate the next healing vigil where people hold hands and sing together again?

We must do something now BEFORE the next time happens. It was both a problem, and a shame, that during the Holocaust 80 years ago, while the Jewish people of Europe were being slaughtered, the rest of the world was silent.

Silence is consent. We, the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, have provided people a place where they can do something. We are providing a place where you can have a voice and share it with the world.

You will be heard. You can speak UP and you can speak OUT about what you believe and how you feel. I feel, and I hear, the outcry from the souls of our departed ones, all six million of them crying out to the world a single word, “Zachor.”

“Zachor” means remember. But simply remembering is not enough. We must also educate others so that the lessons of the Holocaust will never be forgotten; so that the lessons from the Holocaust teach and inspire future generations so that they can help extinguish the hatred that breeds genocide.

Please join us and take a stand today. Add your name and SHOUT-OUT against INTOLERANCE ; hold up your hand and help us put a stop to HATRED, a stop to ANTI-SEMITISM. Help us take a stand against RACISM, against DISCRIMINATION , against BULLYING. Help us never forget that we must continue working for FREEDOM and EQUALITY; we must try to stop the prejudice that continues to harm so many people.

“ I -SHOUT -OUT” is an interactive anti-hate campaign that will remain on our website for generations to come. If you wish, feel free to send a photograph; so many pictures and memories were lost during the Holocaust.

Imagine what it would be like for your future great grandchildren to be able to enter your name and find your photo and see what you shouted out about. Let the future generations see what you stood for; let them know what you stand for and why you took that stand. Maybe you feel strongly about both Anti-Semitism and bullying.

You can take a stand for more than one of the issues currently plaguing our country. Use your voice and share your position by shouting out so everyone knows how you feel and how you wish the world could improve and heal itself.

One voice CAN be heard but many voices together cannot be ignored; many voices will echo beyond borders and into the corners of the world.

My hope is that when we have a symphony of SHOUT-OUTS, when a million voices hear us we become a voice for the victims who can no longer speak for themselves.

This, my friends and fellow mourners, is the very least we can do to memorialize all the victims in Pittsburgh and South Carolina and all of the other places where hate took so many.


To learn more about ZACHOR or our youth campaign to stop intolerance please visit:


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