About the Author


A devoted son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Ben Lesser is also a successful entrepreneur. Following his retirement from a career in real estate, he has devoted his present life to the pursuit of preserving the memory of ZACHOR (To Remember) in prevention of the world from acquiring amnesia.

A highly sought-after public speaker, Ben founded the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation in 2009 in efforts to continue Holocaust education to schools as well as religious and community groups. It was then he wrote his first memoir “Living a Life That Matters: From Nazi Nightmare to American Dream,” with recent audiobook release with narrator actor Jonathan Silverman.

Since the foundation began, educational programs and speaking engagements have blossomed across the nation. Those who heard Ben speak have instantly become captivated by the lifelong message he strives to convey. People are moved by his messages relating to intolerance and overcoming life’s most horrific challenges. And that is where the youth movement powered by ZACHOR – “I-SHOUT-OUT.org” was born. I-SHOUT-OUT is a call to action for anyone wanting to speak out against intolerance, injustice, racism, or bullying. It is a virtual wall for everyone to make their voices heard. The mission is to reach over six million voices to speak for the six million souls who were silenced.

And in 2010, in memory of the precious hours he spent baking mandelbroyt with his beloved father, Ben founded Papa Ben’s Kitchen.

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